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Sweezy's Historical Method And The Quantitatvive And Qualitative Dimensions Of Value
Dr. Aneirin Sion Owen Department of Business and Management Studies MMU Cheshire

A critical review of the methods used to measure project success and the identification of key success factors.
Scott Bambrick Manchester Metropolitan University Business School Marketing & Retail Division.

Development versus Enactment: Performance Measurement Systems in a Multinational Aircraft Manufacturing Firm (Part I),
Mostafa Jazayeri Manchester Metropolitan University,
Danture Wickramasinghe The University of Manchester and
Steven Hughes Airbus, UK
Development versus Enactment: Performance Measurement Systems in a Multinational Aircraft Manufacturing Firm (Part II),
Mostafa Jazayeri Manchester Metropolitan University,
Danture Wickramasinghe The University of Manchester and
Steven Hughes Airbus, UK
Critical Realism: An empirical realist critique,
Bill Jefferies
Academic Entrepreneurship in MMU: A Case Study of the Centre for Enterprise
Oswald Jones, Allan Macpherson and David Woollard
Interrelationships between Exploration and Exploitation in Complementary Domains of Knowledge: An Empirical Study of Co-operative Agreements in the UK Biotechnology Sector
Despoina Filiou


Re-assessing Co-movements among G7 Equity Markets:
Evidence from iShares
Mahua Barari, Brian M. Lucey and Svitlana Voronkova
Short-Term Gain, Long-Term Pain? The Long-Run Implications of Outsourcing for Organisational Innovation and Productivity
Paul Windrum, Andreas Reinstaller and Werner Hölzl
The Development of Foreign-Owned Subsidiaries and the Supply of European Markets
Frank McDonald, Heinz-Josef Tüselmann, Svitlana Voronkova and Matthew Allen
Strategic Assets as Determinants of Equity Share Contributions in Joint Ventures: a Collateral-Based Theory of Financial Contracts
Michael Bowe and Sougand Golesorkhi


Mapping the Scope of Information Technology Enabled Transformation: A Multi-Theoretical Framework and Review
Angel J. Salazar
The role of accounting Discourse in the Learning and Skills Council  and Further Education Colleges: A multi-perspective approach
Helen Oakes
Central Bank Independence and Inflation Performance in Transition Economies: New Evidence from a Primary Data Approach
Janet Ilieva and Andros Gregoriou
The Reality of a Business Operation, the National Freight Corporation 1947-1982 - A Prosopographical View
Alan Carroll
Power and Inter-Organizational Learning: Intertwining New Knowledge
Oswald Jones and Allan Macpherson
Artificial Science – A Simulation to Study the Social Processes of Science
Bruce Edmonds
From KISS to KIDS – an ‘anti-simplistic’ modeling approach
Bruce Edmonds and Scott Moss
Can Variation in Industrial Relations Systems Account for Differences in Comparative Advantage?
Matthew Allen
Russian Equity Market Linkages before and after the 1988 crisis: Evidence from Time-Varying and Stochastic Cointegration Tests Svitlana Voronkova and Brian M. Lucey


Social dilemmas: What if not everybody knows that everybody knows that everybody is rational?
L.R. Izquierdo, N.M. Gotts, J.G. Polhill, and B. Edmonds
Training approaches, preferences and outcomes in manufacturing SMEs
Dilani Jayawarna, Allan Macpherson, and Alison Wilson
A real options approach to managing resources and capabilities
Krsto Pandza and Stuart Horsburgh


Reflections on E-Learning: Pedagogy and Practice in the Corporate Sector
Allan Macpherson, Meg Elliott, Irene Harris and Gill Homan
Knowledge Production and Management in the 21st Century
Helen Crompton
Social Capital in the West and China
Qihai Huang
The Green Entrepreneur: Visionary, Maverick or Opportunist?
David Taylor and Liz Walley
The Contribution of 'World View' to Pupils' Attitudes on Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Learning
Dr. Laura Black, Dr. Brian Corbin and Dr. Terry Warburton and Prof. Anne Campbell
A Real Options Approach to Managing Resources and Capabilities
Krsto Pandza, Andrej Polanjar, Stuart Horsburgh and Kevin Gorton
The Changing Role of Central Banks in Market Economies
Janet Ilieva, Prof. Nigel M. Healey and Barry Harrison
Winning and Keeping Clients - Networking Processes and Perceptions in Public Relations Consultancies
Jane Tonge
Female Entrepreneurs from Ethnic Backgrounds: An Exploration of Motivations and Barriers
Fay Bradley and Kevin Boles
Factors Affecting The Adoption of Intranets and Extranets by SMEs: A UK Study
Paul Windrum and Pascale de Berranger
Tame, Messy and Wicked Problems in Risk Management
David Hancock and Robin Holt
Covenant, Constitution and Contract: Control and Accountability in the Cat's Cradle 
Anthony J. Berry
Conceptualising the Entrepreneurial Process: New Business Ventures (NBVs) as Activity Systems
Oswald Jones and Robin Holt
Becoming, Being and Belonging Entrepreneurial Establishment: Alternative views of the social construction of entrepreneurship
Glenis Wade, Robert Smith, and Allistair Anderson
A Methodology for Research - The National Freight Corporation 1962-1982 (Work in Progress)
Alan Carroll
The Management Development Needs in Manufacturing SMEs: An Empirical Assessment 
Dilani Jayawarna, Alison Wilson, and Gillian Homan
Contextual, policy and management reforms in the public sector: The case of the national health service
Clare Schofield


Assessing a Financial Value for a Corporate Entity's Reputation; A Proposed Formula
Ryan Boyd and Les Bowd
Modelling IS Successions in E-Commerce
Paul Windrum, Ray Hackney and Chris Birchenhall
Rare Diseases and Orphan Medicinal Products
Helen Crompton
Applying GARCH for examining CAPM and APT across time
Nasreen Soufian
Towards eGovernment in the National Assembly for Wales (UK): an empirical analysis
Ray Hackney and Stephen Jones
Human Resource Management in Transition: A study of MNEs in China
Cindy Wang
Inter-organisational learning networks and waste minimisation projects
Debbie Millard
Hospital Mergers and Psychological Contracts: Developing a Critical Realist Research Approach
Richard Shield 
The Role Of Accounting In The Learning And Skills Council Strategy: A Case Study Of Partners
Helen Oakes
The Impact of the IS Function on the Transition of e-Government Services in Welsh Unitary Councils
Zorlu Senyucel
Asian Light Fabric: Manufacture and Wearer Comfort
Gordon Dixon
Network Learning in a High-Tech SME: Expanding Entrepreneurial Capabilities
Allan Macpherson, Oswald Jones, and Michael Zhang
Financial Management Practice Amongst SMEs
Tony Berry, Bob Sweeting, Jitsuo Goto and Mary Taylor
Innovation and Organizational Change: Mobilising Social Capital Through Corporate Entrepreneurship
Oswald Jones


Teleological Reasoning and Knowledge Generation in Marketing Theory: Observations and Recommendations
Joep P. Cornelissen
Absorptive Capacity and New Organisational Capabilities: A TCS Case Study
Oswald Jones and Martin Craven
Empirical Content of Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT) Across Time
Nasreen Soufian
Work Spaces in Two Small Firms: The Management of People Beyond Organisational Walls
Simon Down and Scott Taylor
Strategic Alternatives for Small Retail Businesses in Rural Areas: Evidence from the Southern Western Isles of Scotland
John Byrom, Dominic Medway and Gary Warnaby
German Multinational in the UK and the German Model of Labour Relations: Diffusion and Reverse Diffusion Effects
Heinz Tüselmann, Frank McDonald and Arne Heise
Re-Conceptualising Union Commitment
Brian Peat
Say What You See: Preliminary Observations on the Role of Spatial Cognitive Mapping in Retail Locational Planning
John W Byrom
A Study of the Effects of Pay Reform in the National Health Service
Clare Schofield
On-Line Surveys in International Marketing Research: Pros and Cons
Janet Ilieva, Steve Baron and Nigel Healey
Towards a Typology of Marketing Town Centre Management Schemes through the Use of KPIs
Sophie Hogg, Dominic Medway and Gary Warnaby
The National Minimum Wage and Young Workers: Implications for Employment and Training in Urban and Rural Areas
Shobana Nair Sehkaran
The Economic State of Belarus: An Assessment of its Economic Policies and Performance with Particular Emphasis on Foreign Direct Investment
Hanna Yakavenka
Rett Syndrome, Rare Diseases and UK Research
Helen Crompton
Corporate Directions in Supply Chain Management: Implications for SME Competences and Inter-Organisational Relations
Allan MacPherson
Cooperation and Conflict between Two Cultures: Institutionalising NewBuc
Ossie Jones
Integrating Adaptation and Standardisation in International Marketing: The AdaptStand Modelling Process
Demetris Vrontis
A Review of Small Business Literature: Defining the Small Business (Part I)
Jane Tonge
A Review of Small Business Literature: Birth, Growth and Death of the Small Business (Part II)
Jane Tonge
A Contingency View of Numerical Flexibility: the Case of Spanish SMEs
J.Ruiz-Mercader, C. Ruiz-Santos and F. McDonald
Social Networks and Business Startups: A First-Hand Account of Entrepreneurship
Dee Brereton and Oswald Jones
Is Performance Appraisal Feasible?
Peter Copping


Learning as a Process of Interaction: An Iterative Exploration of Small Firm Owner-Manager Networks
David W. Taylor
The Use of Geographical Information in Retail Locational Decision Making
John W Byrom
Process, Content and Context Considerations Influencing the Marketing of Urban Areas as Shopping Destinations
Gary Warnaby
All in Bain: Lost Voices in the Development of Management Research
Hugh McLaughlin and Richard Thorpe
Enveloping Tendencies in Fragments of a Simulation Theory
Oswaldo Teran, Edmonds Bruce and Steve Wallis
The Evolution of Foreign Subsidiaries and Employment: The Case of German Direct Foreign Investment in North West England
Arne Heise, Frank McDonald and Heinz Tuselmann
Employee Relations in Germany in Transition: A Path Dependent Trajectory of Change
Heinz Tuselmann